Tara Oceans Data Portal - Welcome

Welcome to the TARA Data Portal

The TARA Data Portal is meant to be a resource for scientists or other users wishing to know which datasets have been collected and generated by the TARA Oceans / TARA Polar Circle expeditions. Its aim is to serve as entry point linking to these datasets as well as to other web resources related to TARA Data, such as data mining and visualisation tools.

The TARA Data Portal regularly scans well-known repositories delivering TARA data sets. It then indexes their contents according to various criteria such as environmental parameters, a three-level controlled vocabulary related to the data domains, information about the data providers and so on. Hence it allows browsing through the available data sets using these criteria, and it also provides more advanced search capabilities.

Browsing or searching in the TARA Data Portal will yield result tables with either information about the matching data sets, including links to the locations where they are made available, or information about matching TARA samples.

European Bioinformatics Institute

Data provider for sequence datasets.


Data provider for primary data related to samples and sampling procedures as well as contextual/environmental data.

SeaWiFS Bio-optical Archive and Storage System

Data provider for bio-optics data.

TARA Sample Collection

Provides links to physical storage information of protist samples.

The Global Ocean Microbiome
Companion website for: "Structure and function of the global ocean microbiome"

Eukaryotic Plankton Diversity
Companion website for: "Eukaryotic plankton diversity in the sunlit ocean"