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What Can I Use the TARA Data Portal (TOP) For?

TOP is designed to enable the community at large to lookup datasets containing data items related to experimental data collected during the TARA cruises. Dataset lookup can be performed by browsing according to various classifications or descriptions, but also using more advanced search forms. Whichever the means used to lookup datasets, the results will invariably be returned as tables listing matching datasets with their main properties. Each entry of these table is a link leading to a page detailing all that TOP knows about a dataset (who created it, who imported into TOP and when, what kind of data it contains, where the actual data file(s) can be found).


Can You Give Me Some Real Use Cases?

What is known about station TARA_054?

This can for example be determined by entering "TARA_054" in the quick search text field on the welcome page. The result table will contain a mix of datasets ranging from event log sheets to oceanographic context reports specific to station 54. And it will also contain more comprehensive datasets such as the sample registry and the event registry. Another means to achieve this is to go to the "Browse" page, select the "Sample Registry" tab and choose "TARA_054" in the "Stations" pull-down list (the Browsing section below gives some more detail about how to use this section).

What are the environmental parameters for samples collected at water temperatures between 18°C and 20°C?

Values for environmental parameters can be reached using the "Context/Environment Search" tab. In the form, the temperature values can be restricted using the sliders next to the "Tpot" field, and selecting the "Limited to" button left of the sliders before hitting the "Search" button. Results will be displayed in a table where each line matches a sample and each column corresponds to an environmental parameter.

What are the most recently uploaded datasets

Again, use the "Browse" tab. Select the "Date" tab immediately below. On the column headers of the dataset table, click on the "Last Update" header. The table will the be sorted according to the latest update date.

How to access datasets related to a given geographical area

This information is accessible using the "Advanced Search" tab. On the advanced search form, use the "Additionnal Criteria" drop-down menu to choose "Map". In the map panel that is the displayed, focus the map on the area of interest, then, use the icon next to "Map Mode" (located above the map) to switch to "Search Mode". It is then possible to draw a box on the map using the mouse. When hitting the "Search" button, teh result table will display datasets containing information about events and/or samples located in the box.

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